Exterior Lighting Installation

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Our residential and commercial customers hire us to take care of their exterior lighting needs for a variety of reasons. Outside lighting is used for anything from convenience, to aesthetics, to security. Exterior lighting fixtures are readily available at home improvement stores, but these products are rarely made to last as long as professionally installed lighting. In order to minimize the risk of property damage and injury, it’s recommended that exterior lighting installation in Tallahassee is done only by qualified electricians who have a thorough knowledge of wiring and which fixtures will work best in their particular environment.

Mathers Electric Co., Inc. is a fully qualified electrical contractor with years of experience in all fields of electrical work. We can help you decide on the best type of exterior lighting for your home or business, even combining features such as beauty with security, to add value as well as functionality for all your lighting needs. We’re licensed and insured to protect your investment, and we guarantee our work.

Home Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting adds curb appeal and value to a home. Whether you’re interested in creating an inviting path to your front door, an artistic light display around your garden, or a motion-activated security lighting system to discourage intruders, we can help you with every stage of the installation. Our expertise will ensure that the custom lighting system for your Tallahassee home or business lasts for years to come.

Commercial Exterior Lighting

Commercial lighting needs are complex. At Mathers Electric Co., Inc., we recommend you trust this job to us, to protect your business from wiring errors or other issues that can cause a safety or damage liability. Our technicians know the ideal places to install timed or motion-activated security lights on the outside of a commercial building. We also have experience with creating a beautiful, inviting custom look with exterior lighting to make your customers feel at home. Give Mathers Electric Co., Inc. a call today. We’ll be happy to set up a consultation to discuss your residential or commercial exterior lighting needs in Tallahassee .